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Dreaming of fresh figs!

Dreaming of fresh figs!

Fresh figs dipped in Lindt Chocolate dusted with raspberry powder

Simply delicious and easy mini dessert bites. Perfect treat for your summer parties. If you live in Sweden, they will be a great addition to the Swedish glögg buffet, as fig is so popular at Christmas.  
Did I mention thy are also gorgeous!
Prep Time5 mins
Course: Dessert, Snack
Cuisine: Fusion


  • 4 Fresh figs
  • 100 g dark chocolate of very high quality I love lindt
  • Freezed dried raspberry powder optional


  • This is so easy that it’s really not even a recipe. Just melt some chocolate, slice your figs in hal or you can even do wedges. Dip in the melted choclate and dust with the raspberry poweder. 
    Bam! You have a delicious and pretty little treat to serve to your guests. 


This would also be delicious with melted white chocolate and chopped pistachio nuts. Might try that actually. 

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