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A Haitian Foodie in Sweden

I grew up climbing coconut trees barefoot in Haiti. Now, I long for the sweet fragrance of elderflower blossoms that grow wild in Sweden during the summer. Before moving to Sweden, I lived in the United states and I’ve also lived in England. Although I grew up poor, the best moments as a child where when we had guests and could shared the little food we had. My passion and curiosity about food and food cultures, evolved with my travels around the world. I have a talent for inviting myself into poeple’s kitchens wherever I go. That is how I learned to cook. If you are interested in my recipes, check out my blog.

Food Creator, Food Stylist and  Chef

I currently work freelance as a food creator, food stylist. I work with magazines to create recipes and food stories. I also work as a private chef on site, where I do demo cooking of recipes that I create.  Some of the regional events I’ve worked at are  Älska Mat-mässan and Skåne Matfestivalen.  As a private chef, I have worked for corporations such as Duni and Palantir Inc. I also work on site at weddings and other private events. I am a proud member of the Swedish Chefs’ Association.

You will find examples of my professional work under my portfolio.

If you would like to collaborate with me, feel free to contact me, +46 737 22 1417